3 days in Shanghai

An old friend of mine recently graduated from university in Shanghai. After moving to North China, I decided to visit him in the big city. After living in a smaller city in China it was exciting to see people of all colors and fashion styles walking around the streets.Three days is short so there wasn’t a minute to waste.

3 days in Shanghai
Day 1

Power Station of Art is a contemporary art museum housed in Nanshi Power Plant. Entrance is free except for special exhibitions, which is 60-150 RMB. All museums in Shanghai, and China?, are closed on Mondays. Power station of art is multi-floored and sits next to the Huangpu River.

Liuli China Museum is a smaller art museum with sculptures and ceramics. Entrance is around 100 RMB. The museum has one exhibit, a cafe, and gift shop.

Layover in Shanghai

Tian Zi Fang is on the same street as Liuli China Museum. Tian Zi Fang is a historical residential neighborhood from the French Concession. The neighborhood is a maze of narrow alleyways. You can wander through the maze, underneath floating umbrellas, and check out the many new boutiques and restaurants.

Day 2

Lu Jia Zui is the financial district in downtown Shanghai. You can visit the elegant Oriental Pearl or the world’s second tallest skyscraper, Shanghai tower. Lu Jia Zui is situated on the eastern bank of Huangpu. You can take a ferry across to the western side, The Bund, to get a view of the skyline. There is also a large shopping district, you should stop at Blue & Brown’s for a delicious durian pizza. Trust me, it’s good!

The Bund is the waterfront plaza and shopping district on Huangpu River’s western bank. It is free of tall buildings and is perfect for viewing Shanghai’s downtown skyline. There are flowered walls and large sculptures

The Old Temple, City God Temple, is a nearly century old temple and buildings. There are over 100 stores in these traditional Chinese buildings. The Old Temple connects to the famous Yu Yuan gardens.

Day 3 

East Nanjing Road is a huge shopping district that extends from People’s Square to The Bund. This pedestrian shopping district is the largest in Shanghai and one of the largest in the world.

Shanghai Museum is an ancient Chinese art museum in People’s Square. It is free. The museum holds ancient Chinese works of bronze, calligraphy, ceramics and paintings.

Duolun Road is a historic street in Hongkou district with traditional 20th century Chinese architecture. It is a pedestrian street with shopping.

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