Things to do in Canada

Canada is known for its multiculturalism, see multiculturalism in Toronto link. Is diversity does not end with its people. Canada is home to nearly every single type of terrain that can possibly exist!



Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver have been recognized around the world as ideal metropolises. The food, people and culture vary, but the city experience remains the same. Toronto has often been referred to as a mini New York, in my opinion Toronto is better.


In British Columbia lies a magical rain forest filled with gigantic redwoods and a vast array of animals. Take a hike and reconnect with the trees and animals we once dwelled with.


British Columbia is also home to a surfing culture. An alternative option to California, this West coast destination is not one to be missed.



Go to the opposite of side of the country and take a taste of what it would be like in Ireland. The landscape is not the only similarity. The first thing you will notice about the people is their accent. As descendants of Ireland, they maintain an identity distinct from other places on Canada. The people are BEAUTIFUL, inside and out. The food is great and the music is joyous.


On par with Switzerland and the Italian Alps, Canada is home to some of the best skiing in the world. Head to Whistler in the east or Banff in the west. BC, Alberta and Quebec all have mountains and are all uniquely Canadian. Make sure you grab a Beaver Tail!


If you are interested in going to the Middle East for their deserts, head to Alberta and see Canada’s deserts. Take a look at our shameful treatment of them in Fort Mac and you will have a new perspective on what the cost of oil is.



Canada is the Arctic. We have be totted as Igloo dwellers and accustomed to the harsh climate such a locality entails. Head to the Great White North and live it yourself. There are Indigenous communities that participate in fishing and hunting for sustenance. Exposure to these ways of living is eye opening. It develops a new respect for the people and it brings us closer to understanding the difficulties human beings have encountered throughout our existence. This gives me hope that after coming so far, that we can change our ways and reunite with the traditional knowledge of human beings.

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